As we enter our first week in triple-digit weather here in Austin, Texas, it is more crucial than ever to stay healthy and hydrated. When people think of hydration, they typically just assume it means drinking water – which we all should absolutely be doing, but you could still be missing out on total hydration for your body.

Most people know that drinking enough water can boost both physical and mental performance, improve energy levels and brain function, and deliver proper nutrients to your cells. But did you know that the following elements can enhance total hydration and maximize your health benefits even further?

A high potassium intake can help water retention rates and fluid balance within the body’s cells by increasing urine production. Potassium also helps regulate blood pressure. Sodium, on the other hand, maintains fluid balance outside of the cells, so it is important to be getting the right balance of these two electrolytes, especially in the summer heat. Lastly, magnesium can help prevent constipation and improve the digestive system. By drawing water into the intestines, this supplement improves stool consistency as well as relaxing of the intestinal muscles for a more healthy, regular schedule.

If you are spending time in the summer sun or if you are exercising, I strongly recommend taking these elements to optimize your hydration benefits and keep your body cool.

A few of my favorite personal brands for electrolyte tablets are below.



A few final tips – When choosing a product, make sure to be aware of any caffeine content, since there are different types of electrolyte products with varying contents and levels. Further, make sure to pick product low in sugar and that comes in a flavor that you will enjoy and therefore be more likely to drink. Enjoy the total hydration benefits this summer, and make sure to subscribe and stay tuned for more essential wellness tips!