Client Testimonials

Barbara Birrell

I am 59 years old and have been a patient of Monica Partier since June of 2021. Monica guided me to resolve an unexplained chronic reaction that I experienced from October 2020 to July 2021.  Having resolved my chronic reaction, she has led me to further optimize my health and well-being in the months since.

In October 2020 I began to experience small blisters in my mouth along with a sensitivity to spices, and white striations in my mouth.  Shortly thereafter, an itchy rash began to appear on my body which eventually spread to most of my body.  I was also extremely tired to the point of mental and physical exhaustion.

Over the course of nine months, I visited six medical professionals (dentist, nurse practitioner, family doctor, dermatologist, ENT, immunologist – most visited several times). I was subjected to multiple biopsies and many diagnostic blood tests. Nothing gave an indication as to the source of my medical issues. I tried various treatments including prednisone, cortisone skin cream, an oral cream, sun exposure, anti-itch creams, and a couple of different mouthwashes. None of which resolved the symptoms permanently. I had been prescribed a month of high-dose antibiotics as the latest treatment when I began working with Monica.

Monica patiently talked through my symptoms and my medical history with me. We discussed my diet, my digestive health, my daily activities, my environment, and my recent history.  She suggested to me that; rather than taking antibiotics for a month, knowing there would be negative consequences to my immune system; I should focus on optimum digestive and physical health. In doing this, I could enable my body to resolve the symptoms.

She started with a cleanse for my liver and then my kidneys. She then had me integrate enzymes into the daily regimen to eliminate harmful biofilms and rebuilt my bionome with specific probiotics. She guided me to remove sugar, dairy, gluten, alcohol, and processed foods from my diet and to integrate highly nutritious, cleansing, and immune-supporting foods into my daily diet.  She went into my pantry and had me remove certain foods and replaced them with better choices. She also reviewed and adjusted my supplements.

Within days of the start of this elimination diet, my symptoms began to recede. Within a month, all evidence of my chronic reactions were gone.

Having cleared the symptoms, she took me further into the process to establish a diet that I can live with – what and how much I can and cannot consume of the things I previously eliminated. There were times when my symptoms would come back, and we were able to quickly get back to remission by eliminating what I had recently consumed.

Having firmly established what my diet should and should not contain, she dug into my energy levels. She had me use a sleep tracker from which we learned that I was not getting enough deep sleep. We discussed my history of stressors, working internationally, and as an endurance athlete.   She brought focus to my adrenal health.  Under her guidance, I added supplements, adjusted my exercise routines, and reduced my caffeine consumption. She also convinced me to do something I had not done in decades – to allow myself to fall back asleep in the morning to get another session of deep sleep. Such a simple change had a profound impact.

I feel better than I have in years. We continue to work together, improving my diet by adjusting recipes in ways that further enhance the healthful benefits of my daily food and reduce or eliminate the unhealthful ingredients. We recently worked through several Thanksgiving recipes to enable the holiday to not be a relapse.  These new recipes sacrifice nothing in flavor, and after a test run, multiple people have asked for the recipes.

I am thankful for Monica, who has led me through this journey. If someone had said to me a year ago that I would make these changes, I would not have believed that I would be willing or able to make such drastic changes to my daily habits. It is a credit to her professional skills that she knew what to do for me. It is a credit to her interpersonal skills that she got me to take this path. I should also mention that it is a credit to her artistic cooking skills that allowed me to see eating clean and healthy not as a sacrifice.  I now see it as an opportunity to improve the quality and flavor of the foods I eat and enjoy sharing these foods with my friends and family.

Wendy Funk

I am writing this letter of recommendation for Monica Partier. I met Monica 6 months ago, during the time that I was in search of getting to the bottom of all my pain. I have suffered from all-over body pain for years, had shoulder and neck issues, was on a journey to find answers, and was willing to make changes that would improve my overall health. I had been going to new doctors and had recently had repeat MRIs of my shoulders and neck, and had recently been diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

Monica was ready to jump in and help guide me to health through supplements and nutrition. She started me on restoring supplements to clean out my gut and eliminate candida. This was coupled with an anti-inflammatory and anti-candida foods diet. Monica helped me to devise a food plan that would have me feeling nourished, satiated, and not feeling deprived in any way. For a period of three months, I stayed very strictly on her food suggestions along with a commitment to increase my water intake to 100 ounces per day. By following her dietary suggestions, and greatly increasing my water intake daily, I began to make great strides in pain minimization.

I stayed with her guided dietary suggestions for several months while I was preparing for surgeries that I was needing. On July 29th I had bicep tendonitis, on September 30th, I had a rotator cuff repair and bicep tendonitis and on November 9th I had a herniated disc repaired and 3 vertebrae fused in my cervical spine along with the stenosis repaired that was pinching my nerves going to my arms shoulders and hands.

Because Monica was willing to literally hold my hand, stay in contact with me, cook for me and teach me about all the foods that would help me return to health, I have been able to heal quickly, far ahead of the normal schedule according to both of my physicians and my physical therapists. I remain committed to an anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

Monica took the time to not only shop with me, but she also cooked for me, taught me how to cook, guiding me in the easiest ways to add and infuse anti-inflammatory and anti-candida foods and spices into my daily routine. During these few months, I also lost 21 pounds without restricting any intake or feeling deprived in any way.

I feel so very fortunate that I met Monica at the time that I did. She made the journey I was on so much easier and so much more successful than I could have been on my own. I feel so fortunate and lucky to be returning to health and it would not have happened without her wisdom and guidance.

“Optimum nutrition is the medicine of tomorrow” – Linus Pauling