Your Healing Advocate

Monica Partier, also known as the Functional Nutrition Guru, is an expert at finding the root cause of your disease. Modern medicine only treats the symptoms, and more often than not, it is treated with medication. Functional nutrition uses science and nature to heal the root cause of many modern-day diseases. You can work with Ms. Partier from anywhere in the world!

TeleMed Solutions

Telemedicine is a form of telecommunication that provides a type of interactive consultation between a health care professional and patient. It uses electronic information and telecommunications technologies to support long-distance healthcare when face-to-face contact between patient and practitioner is not feasible due to geographical barriers, illnesses or during a pandemic. In functional medicine, it is used as an alternative method for patients with various chronic conditions who might otherwise have limited access to their healthcare providers. TeleMed is the most convenient option for our clients. 

Service Offerings

Through a detailed assessment via Monica’s consultations, she will determine a customized nutritional course of action. Functional Nutrition assesses one’s symptoms, diet, medical history, medications, lifestyle, stress levels, and more.  Let’s face it, without a clear lens to view the big picture, we cannot determine the most optimal solution. The initial consultation is short and complimentary to determine if Monica is a good fit for you. Subsequent consultations are via TeleMed video calls. Consultations come in various packages and pricing.  Do you live in the Austin, Texas area? Monica offers an assessment of foods in your cupboard and helps put a shopping list together for you to help get you started on your healing path once you have signed up.